Welcome, welcome!

Welcome to my humble corner in the vast land called the internet. I'm glad you stumbbled upon my blog! My name is Iris and I humor myself by thinking that this website is my little virtual cabin.

Content warning: Please note that I will try my best to add content warnings to posts that might cause you discomfort. However, there might be a chance that some posts do not have a comprehensive warning noted. Proceed at your own discretion!

Opinions that I have expressed in the past may not necessary reflect my belief in the present nor my current worldview may remain unchanged in the future. I might become more or less moderate or radical. I hope you'll find my journey interesting enough to stick along :)

Language: Although I consider myself quite decent at communicating in English, there may be some mistakes in my writings. I am improving my skills and I hope you do not mind these errors :)

I want this site to be my journal that everyone can read through. The entries can be whatever's in my mind at that moment. It might feature some fandoms that I am familiar with, but I intend the cabin to be mostly about my reflection on the works or news. If you are interested, you can check out my construction projects for this cabin:

Some pieces of media that I might write about in the future (listed in no particular order)

Since I don't know what else to add, here is one of my favorite YouTube video if you would like to check it out: Ditto by NewJeans