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Going back to the living room

I find the internet quite boring that this point. Not because the lack of content, but how oversaturated it has become. To me, everything hides an ad or two. Short videos. Sponsored posts. I am trying to find interesting blog posts to read. In case you want to take a look at my bookshelf, here is the list.

Please note that I am not sponsored or affiliated to any organizations or persons associated in these websites. I do not recieve any rewards, monetary or not, from posting this. I am doing this as a hobby to challenge myself to limit my time on social media. In case you skim this section, this whole website is a hobby of mine. Nothing more, nothing less :)

To educate myself on a variety of subjects, I am trying to read sources from multiple points of view, including ones that I disagree with. I intend to make a small note below the links to media that I do share the same opinion, but there is a chance I miss some. Please be cautious about what you read. Be critical of the authors' biases reflected in their works.

In This Parallel Universe by Amatan Noor (added 12 Feb 2023)

Marginalia Not a website, but a quirky search engine (added 12 Feb 2023)